WHO IS Lizzy Walker?  

Lizzy Walker is an artist who just loves animals.

I am an artist living in Corfe Castle, Dorset.  

I paint and draw.  My paintings are usually in Oil and my drawings in Charcoal, although I do like to mix them up a bit!

My subjects are animals and my charcoal Hare drawings are quite popular.

There are currently two designs that are on several different Home products which are Wilfred & Agnes.

Wilfred is a very proud boy, he is quite sure of himself and has a Hare wife named Agnes.  Agnes gets a little cheesed off with Wilfred sometimes but they are a lovely Dorset Hare couple.

I love to paint cattle and my painting is quite a rustic style with bright backgrounds, this creates an element of fun and brightness into the world of Lizzy Walker Art.

lizzywalkerart@gmail.com                   07802 910225
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